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All ORT capabilities are fully customized tools designed specifically with our customers’ business needs in mind.

01. Computer Network Exploitation

02. Research & Development

03. Acquisitions


Penetration Testing

Our top-notch operational team will evaluate and provide recommendations for improving the real security of a network. If you are looking for simple, compliance-based checklist testing or certification, we are not the team for you. We provide our customers with real-world simulated attacks. We tailor our assessments to the customer’s needs, from full-scale outside threat actors, to insider threat simulation.

At the conclusion of each test we perform, we provide a set of remediations and best practices that should be put in place to improve the resistance to attacks as well as shortening the time to discovery and response.


Vulnerability Research and Exploitation

We have extensive experience in developing tools and techniques for vulnerability research and exploitation. Whether it’s finding primitives, developing proof of concepts, to full weaponization we have done it all.

Our exploitation experience is not simply limited to code execution, we have a deep background in attacking various implementation flaws such as those found in covert communications systems.


Product Development

Our products team develops capabilities for all types of target devices. We have expert developers for all the well-known systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS as well as more obscure embedded targets like routers and switches.

Whatever the target technology is, we provide state-of-the-art capabilities that will securely run on any device.


Secure Infrastructure

We have decades of experience designing and building secure infrastructure for our corporate clients. As the business and technology worlds become more connected around the world, the manner in which we conduct business must also evolve.

Our communications infrastructure consulting team can assess, design, and implement solutions for the connected business traveler. We will perform security awareness training and engineer custom solutions that will allow a user to work more safely in hotels, airports, lounges, and other locations on the go where they may be a target.


We have developed techniques and infrastructure that enable our acquisition services across the globe.

From acquisition of hardware and software from typically restricted areas of the world to finding hard to acquire exploit primitives, we have invested heavily into products and services enabling our ability to rapidly acquire what our customers need.

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