We are Occam's Razor.

Other things being equal, a simpler explanation is preferable to a complex one. Simple is beautiful, simple is elegant, and quite often, simple provides the best solution.

We believe in this principle so strongly we named our company after it.

About our company.

Occam’s Razor Technologies is a software engineering and consulting firm headquartered in Reston, Virginia.

We provide vulnerability research and capability development for our unique customers, as we bring to bear decades of combined software development and engineering experience from within both the public and private sectors.

We were founded with the sole purpose of tackling the problems too difficult for our customers to face alone.

ORT takes pride in actively pursuing difficult challenges, and it is our mission to build useful, elegant, and highly effective solutions to surmount those challenges. That’s why we’re confident that no matter what the platform, we will find a way to utilize it for your needs.

Our work has enabled us to perform continuous vulnerability research on a wide range of systems. As a result, we build tools and maintain entire test frameworks to expedite vulnerability research on any system.

About our products.

All ORT capabilities are fully customized tools designed specifically with our customers’ business needs in mind.

We build sophisticated products for multiple platforms. We pride ourselves on the ability to quickly master any system and use it to our full advantage.

We cover everything from full-stack web applications to embedded microcontrollers and everything in-between. We also identify strategic needs when no solution is apparent.

If a system runs code, we can work on it.

We are thought leaders in our industry, which means we embrace the latest practices while avoiding the pitfalls of latest trends. The realm in which we work is not made for those who follow, but for those who lead by innovating, evolving, and looking several steps ahead.

Say hello.

We look forward to hearing from you. Need to staff up quickly? Looking for a custom piece of software? Have a testing need we can assist with? Drop us a line and let us know how we can help.

We’re currently accepting new clients. We would love to chat about your needs and how we can exceed them.