At the razor’s edge of cyber technology.

Avantus Federal Acquires Occam’s Razor Technologies

We’re on the front lines.

We write innovative software for OSX, iOS, Windows, Linux, Solaris, Android, and other industry-standard platforms.

Custom Software

Our engineers are experts at system programming. If it runs code, we’re happy to tackle it.

Security Assessment

Allow us to help you protect your network. From architecture, to pen-testing we assess it, so a hacker won’t.

Maintenance & Monitoring

We can be your second set of eyes. Our analysts view your network with hard-earned field expertise augmenting your own.

Mobile Applications

Whether you need a mobile site or an app, we can build it to exceed industry UX/UI standards.


We provide high caliber staffing services to some of the country’s top private and public organizations.


We thrive on our business relationships with our customers and employees. Let us know how we can meet your needs.

We can help assemble your cyber super hero team.

Whether you need a master code smith to hand craft a patch for mission-critical software or a pro-grade quality control officer to oversee the final touches of a new product, we are masters at matching industry professionals with your needs.

We can help you find the talent to get the job(s) done thanks to our connections to the industry and our reputation of hiring the best.

Our agility surpasses expectations.

When some cyber teams say the word “agile” they really just mean a faster paced waterfall approach. Our truly agile environment means we can develop, test, and deploy at record speeds, leaving comparable products in our digital dust.

We build the way you need us to. Your cyber goals drive how we approach software. And if you aren’t quite sure what your goals should be we can help you identify key issues to aim for.

Say hello!

Need to staff up quickly? Looking for a custom piece of software? Have a testing need? Drop us a line and let us know how we can help. We’re currently accepting new clients. We would love to chat about your needs and how we can exceed them.

Say hello.